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Wondering about the different levels or ranks in Herbalife? Here they are, all on one page.

  1. Distributor – This is the ‘entry level’ qualification of a person who is registered as a Herbalife distributor. They receive a 25% discount on purchases and so that is also their profit on sales. Many casual users enroll as a distributor to receive a personal discount. According to Herbalife, 75% of all distributors are at this level.

  2. Supervisor – You’re now getting a 50% discount, and making more on each sales. However, make sure these are actual sales and not personal purchases that get you to this level. Of all distributors who rank higher than “distributor”, 87% are supervisors. The average compensation for supervisors is around $500 per year.

  3. World Team – Next comes world team. You’ve hit the top 5% of all active leaders and are now earning around $5,000 per year.

  4. GET Team – The “global expansion team” consists of another 5% of all active leaders, and they earn around $20,000 year year.

  5. Millionaire Team – This is about 1.5% of all active leaders and will earn you over $80,000 dollars per year.

  6. President's Team – One half of one percent, and these guys are making over $400,000 a year

  7. Chairman’s Club/Founders Circle – The top ranking distributors in the world.

    Looking for compensation data? You’ll find that here.

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